Diploma In Electrical & Electronics

Er. Niraj Shriwastav
HoD, Electronics Engineering Department
HoD, Electronics Engineering Department

This is an era of technology which is powered by Electronics. It is the modern and the most popular wing of engineering.

Diploma in electronics engineering builds your career keeping you update to the modern electronic technology. So, I think you will be part of this stream of engineering.

The graduates of Diploma in Electronics Engineering will be expert i repairing and maintenance of electronics devices such as radio, TV, mobile as well as telecommunication equipments, designing the electronic circuit, integrated circuit fabrication etc.

The graduates of this stream will get job opportunity in various fields such as  telecommunication office, Nepal Electricity Authority, private industries, civil aviation authority, private electronic workshop, Nepal government offices etc. It is possible for the graduates to get job in foreign employment and technical institutions as well.

SYLLABUS(Diploma In Electronics Engineering)

Semester I

  1. Communication Nepali
  2. Communication English
  3. Engineering Mathematics I
  4. Engineering Physics I
  5. Engineering Chemistry I
  6. Engineering Drawing I
  7. Workshop Technology I
  8. Electrical Engineering


  1. Engineering Mathematics II
  2. Engineering Physics II
  3. Engineering Chemistry II
  4. Engineering Drawing II
  5. Workshop Technology II
  6. Electrical Engineering II
  7. Introduction to Computers
  8. Electronics Devices and Circuits I


  1. Logic Circuits
  2. Electronic Device and Circuits II
  3. Electronics Drawing
  4. Engineering Mathematics III
  5. Electronic Fabrication Techniques
  6. Electrical Measurements
  7. Electrical Installation
  8. Network Filters & Transmission Lines


  1. Principle of Communication Engineering
  2. Electronic Devices and Circuits III
  3. Introduction to Microprocessors
  4. Electronic Instruments & Measurements
  5. Instrumentation & Control
  6. Social Studies
  7. Industrial Electronics
  8. Industrial Management & Entrepreneur
  9. Ship Development


  1. Communication System
  2. Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Electronics Equipment
  3. Audio Signal Recording System
  4. Product Design & Development
  5. Integrated Digital Electronics
  6. PC Organization


  1. T.V. Engineering
  2. Advanced Communication System
  3. Elective I
    a) Microwave Engineering
    b) Digital System Design
    Elective II
    a) Advanced Microprocessors
    b) Biomedical Instrumentation
  4. Major Project (Industry Based)
  5. Video Signal Recording System

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