Diploma In Civil Engineering

Er. Ram Babu Prasad
HoD,Civil Engineering Department
HoD,Civil Engineering Department

I am gland that you have chosen this institute to build up your career. As per recent development in this new era the technology has very meaningful role to play in the development of nation. This course provides the students to learn, design and maintain the urban & rural construction with specialization in Auto CAD.

The faculties take keen interest in civil engineering, construction & research work in order to provide the most modern knowledge in the related field.

The students who have passed Diploma in Civil Engineering will acquire knowledge and skill for working as sub engineers in road & building, irrigation development, surveying, drawing, industry/business construction, drafting, estimation of construction and maintenance work as well as small project design.

The diploma holder students will be expected to get job opportunity in different fields such as ministries for Local Development, Labour & Transport Management, Physical Planning & Works, Water resources, Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal Drinking Water Corporation, NCCN, private construction, Engineering consultancy firm etc. They are likely to get job opportunity in foreign employment and technical institution as well.


     Semester I

  1. English I
  2. Nepali I
  3. Engineering Mathematics I
  4. Engineering Physics I
  5. Engineering Chemistry I
  6. Workshop Practice I
  7. Engineering Drawing I

     Semester IV

  1. Communication I
  2. Management I
  3. Surveying II
  4. Estimating and Costing I
  5. Mechanics of Structure
  6. Soil Mechanics
  7. Water Supply Engineering


  1. English II
  2. Nepali II
  3. Engineering Mathematics II
  4. Engineering Physics II
  5. Engineering Chemistry II
  6. Workshop Practice II
  7. Computer Application I
  8. Engineering Drawing II


  1. Communication II
  2. Surveying III
  3. Estimating and Costing II
  4. Structural Design & Drawing
  5. Highway Engineering I
  6. Sanitary Engineering


  1. Engineering Mathematics III
  2. Social Studies
  3. Surveying I
  4. Engineering Materials
  5. Engineering Mechanics
  6. Basic Hydraulics
  7. Building Construction


  1. Highway Engineering II
  2. Computer Application II
  3. Estimating and Costing III
  4. Irrigation Engineering
  5. Construction Management
  6. Project Work

Civil Department Teacher Team