Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

Er. Jai Prakash Biraji
HoD, Mechanical Engineering Department
HoD, Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering is the innovative application of science & technology to the design, production and operation of mechanical engineering is challenging development and exposure quickly to a lot of responsibilities.

Mechanical Engineering excels at designing racing yachts, robots, saw mills, aero plane, industrial equipment , aircraft , manufacturing plants , medical devices etc.

The Mechanical Engineering graduates will be expert in operating and assembling various machines, making maintenance, plumbing steel fabrication, maintenance of automobiles etc.

The graduates in this stream will get job opportunity in various fields such as ministerial and departmental office, corporation, industry, private workshop etc. It is possible for the graduates to get job in foreign employment and technical institutions as well.

SYLLABUS(Diploma In Mechanical Engineering)

Semester I

  1. Communication Nepali
  2. Communication English
  3. Engineering Mathematics I
  4. Engineering Physics I
  5. Engineering Chemistry I
  6. Engineering Drawing I
  7. Workshop Technology I
    (Metal & Wood work)


  1. Engineering Mathematics II
  2. Engineering Physics II
  3. Engineering Chemistry II
  4. Engineering Drawing II
  5. Electronics Engineering I
  6. Material Science
  7. Engineering Mechanics
  8. Workshop Technology II (Foundry & Welding)


  1. Electronic Engineering II
  2. Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines
  3. Thermal Engineering I
  4. Manufacturing Process I (Machine Tools)
  5. Machine Drawing I
  6. Metrology
  7. Elements of Engineering Economics
  8. Strength of Materials


  1. Computer Applications
  2. Thermal Engineering II
  3. Manufacturing Process II
  4. Theory of Machines
  5. Elements of Civil Engineering (Basics)
  6. Social Studies
    Industrial Management
    Project I


  1. Basic of Automobiles Engineering
  2. Advanced Manufacturing Process
  3. Control Systems
  4. Maintenance Engineering I
  5. Computer Graphics (Auto CAD)
  6. Fundamentals of Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  7. Machine Design, Estimating and Costing
  8. Project II


  1. Basic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  2. Renewal Energy Technology
  3. Industrial Hygiene and Safety
  4. Tools, Jigs, Fixtures and Die Design
  5. Personnel Management
  6. Entrepreneurship Development
  7. Project III
  8. Elective (One of the Followings)
    a) Production Design
    b) Maintenance Engineering II
    c) Power Generation Engineering
    d) Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Department Teacher Team